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 Michael A Fowler, MBA



Welcome to MRSA


Seven years ago, I started MRSA medical because I could see a definite need for true guidance and advice on treatment of Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. Infections of MRSA were escalating and many thousands of people were losing their lives to this particular pathogenic bacterium. I also viewed at first hand what hospitals and specialists were prescribing to people, in regard to antibiotic treatment of MRSA infections.


First, please let me explain that a Staphylococcus aureus infection is no different to MRSA, except that the infection is deemed to be Methicillin-resistant. There are also other variants, such as VRSA and the new LRSA emerging strains of the same pathogen – Staphylococcus aureus. VRSA means Vancomycin-resistant and LRSA means the bacterium are resistant to Linezolid (Zyvox) - Hailed as the new antibiotic of last resort, after Vancomycin became so ineffective.


Please note that I have nothing against antibiotics, doctors, hospitals, or specialists. My greatest grievance is with the lack of education, information, morality and acceptance that antibiotics are now becoming obsolete against these new emerging strains of ‘superbugs’ that are set to destroy lives and maim and kill a growing number of people each year. MRSA already kills more people than AIDS. Yet there is little said or done to reverse this issue.


Several years ago, there was a lot of skepticism about MRSA medical, it’s beliefs, treatment regimes and statements about how MRSA would evolve over the next several years. Today, what was stated then has become reality. The skeptics have vanished and many doctors now subscribe to my mailing list and read my monthly newsletter. A few of my clients have been referrals from doctors, where they could no longer do anything for their patients.


Contrary to popular belief, MRSA medical is not a money-making business. While we do receive small commissions from products sold, this just about covers our operating costs and long-distance calls to all corners of the globe. What really makes us tick is the e-mail that states the infection has gone and the person is able to now live a normal life once again. MRSA ruins lives and whole families can be disrupted and traumatized by the experience.


There is no such thing as a ‘small’ or ‘insignificant’ infection. All those who have lost their lives to MRSA, started with a ‘small’ or ‘insignificant’ infection. While we have gained the knowledge of how this bacterium works and how to destroy it, without side-effects and destruction of the immune system, we always respect the devious and intelligent way in which Staphylococcus aureus has evolved and continues to defeat traditional antibiotics.


With in excess of 2,000 people treated to date and a record of success that would make most specialists green with envy, we are still learning new things about this amazing bacterium and indeed about the solution that we use in treatment. The eradication, cure, prevention and treatment of MRSA is not solely dependent upon the products we use. There are many other factors that are taken into consideration when writing a personalized eradication course.


Our courses are free, our advice is free and the calls are free. No matter how much money you may have, there is no difference when dealing with MRSA. Simply put, this bacterium doesn’t care if you are old or young, black or white, rich or poor, it will abuse your body in the same way. What you really need, is proper advice, understanding, products that work in conjunction with your lifestyle and the correct medical information.


Please feel free to tour our website, digest the information, view the testing and research, then make an informed decision. There are many websites out there that supposedly deal with MRSA but there is only one that has a real person behind it. A person who does not hide or shy away from questions about Staphylococcus aureus, or the way in which we treat the infection. A person who will call you and even write you a free and personalized eradication course.


But it doesn’t end there… We also value your feedback, will keep in touch with you on a personal basis and we may even become friends…


We are still in touch today, with people we treated over 7 years ago and over one-third subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


Warmest Regards,





Michael A Fowler, MBA


MRSA medical


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