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MRSA Infection - Cure for MRSA and CA-MRSA

MRSA Infections - MRSA Symptoms - MRSA Prevention - MRSA Cure - Treatment and Cure Information for Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

MRSA or Staph Infection, can lead to infection of the blood (Bacteraemia).

CA-MRSA - Community Acquired MRSA is now on the increase.

Prevention however, is better than cure.

Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, Medical Information and Cure Information for MRSA infection and Staph Infection is now available through this website. Read about us:  About MRSA medical

(Last Updated on 28th February 2015)

MRSA medical was first established in May 2006 and is continuously updated. At MRSA medical, we give you the medical information required to understand the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. Once understood, MRSA medical provides you with a complete eradication process. Our information on MRSA and associated pathogens, along with the treatment and suggested cure information provided should enable you to defeat this bacterium, where antibiotics sometimes fail. We will consult with you, design specific MRSA eradication courses and fully explain to you, how to eradicate your MRSA infection. MRSA medical has an unblemished track record of MRSA eradication, with over 2,227 cases fully resolved and very few failures in our 9 year history.

MRSA medical offers free, no obligation consultations, advice, Information, and professionally written eradication courses to suit each and every particular condition. Advice and treatment information protocols for light to severe and life-threatening infections. MRSA medical has an unblemished MRSA - VRSA - LRSA - MRSE and Osteomyelitis eradication record that spans several years. Has your doctor told you that your MRSA condition is incurable? Let us prove him/her wrong! Do not suffer because antibiotics are failing - We have the best, non-toxic eradication courses available with no side-effects and complete eradication.

For a free consultation, please e-mail:

Please enclose your country and county, full name, contact details and best times to reach you by phone. MRSA medical works worldwide where permitted. Advice can also be given via e-mail, but a personal consultation has far greater advantages. There are no charges for this service.


Free advice on Advanced Wound Healing, Staphylococcal and Streptococcal Infections, UTIís, Sinusitis, Malaria, TB and Illness Prevention also given. MRSA medical will never oversell or advise you wrongly in relation to what is required. Our integrity and genuine concern for your health and recovery is always paramount.

*Please Note* All claims made on this website are as a direct result of our own treatment in patients. They are not manufacturers statements, but based upon real results obtained using the MRSA Medical Eradication Courses in our own patient cases.

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MRSA - Understand the enemy and you can win the war...

Let us start with...

What is MRSA?
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
is a common type of staph bacterium which lives on the skin and in the nasal passages of around 30% of the population. Mostly, this staph aureus bacterium does no harm and does not pose a problem with infection or require a cure. But, like many bacterium, Staphylococcus aureus has the ability to pose a serious infection problem, if you are feeling run down, ill, injured or if you have undergone any form of surgery. It can cause a very serious staph infection, if it enters the body, such as through open wounds, or instruments placed in the body, or by cross-contamination from another patient, nursing staff or specialist. Without the proper medical treatment and medical information, this can lead to death or be difficult to cure.

MRSA and Staph.aureus infections are most commonly transmitted from person to person by touch. It is also possible to acquire MRSA infection from dust containing contaminated skin particles or from objects in the environment, or from surfaces that may be contaminated with the MRSA bacterium.

An antibiotic called Methicillin was used for the treatment and cure of infections caused by staph bacterium. The term 'Methicillin resistant' means that this type of antibiotic can no longer kill 100% of the staph bacterium and another antibiotic needs to be used, if available. If Methicillin can no longer be used for the treatment and cure of Staphylococcus aureus infection, it is medically referred to as MRSA.

The Causation of MRSA
Antibiotics have been in use for many years as a successfull treatment and cure for staph infections. However, these antibiotics have been overused, misused and over prescribed as a cure for staph aureus infection for many years. It is fairly common for people to not complete a course of antibiotics, or not use as prescribed. If this happens, it is probable that not 100% of the bacterium that caused staph infection will have been killed. Surviving staph bacterium develop a resistance to this antibiotic and multiply. As more and more antibiotics are prescribed, the number of staph bacterium that are able to resist those antibiotics become more numerous. The biggest problem with the use of antibiotics, is that they are non-focused. Therefore, they do not discriminate between good and bad bacterium, otherwise known as 'Flora' which can be found in the large intestines and form a large part of the bodies immune system. Without this immune system protection, 'superbugs' are free to develop.

Treatment of MRSA
MRSA can be treated with different antibiotics to Methicillin. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Medications, such as antiseptic wash and certain ointments can be used to remove MRSA from the nasal passages and skin. Even when it is doing no harm to the individual. However, there is now a new product that has been proven to be effective in killing all MRSA bacterium and a lot of other known pathogens. The New Silver Solution is non-toxic, proven in multiple tests at 200 times the recommended dosage. The New Silver Solution is the first silver product to attain a new patent in over 80 years. This product can be used internally, externally and as a surfectant, to both prevent and cure MRSA infection. The New Silver Solution can also be used with animals and all our test data shows it to be very effective.

Travel Protection
Is travel to foreign places a worry? Then The New Silver Solution is a medical 'must have' against infection. Protect yourself from disease outbreak, MRSA or Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus as it is medically termed and Malaria and Avian Bird Flu. The New Silver Solution also boosts the immune system and that is important, because you need a healthy immune system to cure staph infections, yeast infection, sinus infection, urinary tract infection, staph skin infections and a host of other pathogens and bacteria. Maintaining a healthy immune system, does not only prevent these infections, it can cure them.

Those are claims which are verified by medical authorities. Medical Institutions across the globe have conducted extensive tests on The New Silver Solution. It is a patented product, even though it is not a drug.

To learn more about this amazing new breakthrough, watch the
Free Online Video below. To access the USA Patent 7135195 issued on November 14th, 2006, - Click Here.

MRSA Symptoms may be constantly present - chronic symptoms - may come and go, which are relapsing and remitting symptoms - or progressively become better - convalescence from symptoms. See MRSA Symptoms for more information.

Staphylococcus infections can mutate into many forms but one thing underlies all infections. That word is prevention. It is a fact that prevention is far better than any cure. If you can prevent the staph infection, then a cure is not needed. See MRSA Prevention for more details.

CA-MRSA: Community Acquired MRSA Infection: If you are involved with sports, swimming, gymnasiums, etc:, where sharing of equipment and environment is common practise, you run a high risk of CAMRSA. See HAMRSA-CAMRSA for more details.

If you are awaiting surgery or routine hospital treatment, or a health-care provider who is involved with the treatment of patients, then protect yourself by regular use of The New Silver Solution.

Did you know that your pets are now also at risk from MRSA infection? See MRSA in Animals for details.

Please read New Silver Solution Info for all the tests that have been completed on this product. We have only used the leading medical research labs and experts in each field for our individual tests. This page contains all the Medical Information and Scientific Information available for our product.

Please note: Our product is vastly superior to any other Silver-based product on the market today and we are proud of our results in testing. New Silver Solution is not a Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver - It is a brand-new technology called a Silver-Sol and is a patented product. Colloidal and Ionic Silver products are not patentable.

MRSA medical Information


ANSWER: Yes, New Silver Solution has been proven to kill MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), a lethal, antibiotic resistant, superbug. With the aid of our courses, it is removed from the system quickly and permanently.

MRSA - History

An explanation of how MRSA emerged and ways in which it causes infection.

MRSA Medical Information
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
is the medical term for MRSA, also known as "The Superbug." It belongs to the Staphylococcus aureus family of bacterium. There is no doubt that this bacterium has always been with us. Obviously it was not recognised until advances were made in medical detection of bacterium that cause infections.

Staphylococcus aureus causes many bacterial infections. These can be: Boils, Carbuncles, Infected Wounds, Deep Abscesses and most worryingly, infection of the Blood Stream, which is medically termed as Bacteraemia.

Blood stream infection is also sometimes called Septicaemia, this is of greater severity and clinical significance. A wide variety of bacterium can cause Bacteraemia but one of the most common is Staphylococcus aureus. This is a very difficult situation for treatment or cure.

The symptoms though, are not specific to MRSA. They can be the same for other bacterium that cause Septicaemia. Symptoms of Septicaemia can include: high fever, rigors (shaking), a raised white blood cell count and disturbance in clotting of the blood, with a tendency to bleed and ultimate failure of the vital organs. This is the kind of MRSA infection that has the highest death rate in England and Wales and also now in the USA.

MRSA bacterium can be found on the skin, in the nose, in wounds and in blood and urine or any other body site. They are most likely to cause infection when a person has a break in their skin or another opening where bacterium can get inside the body.

Common skin conditions caused by MRSA include infected cuts, boils, infected hair follicles, fluid filled blisters (impetigo), or skin sores that look like infected insect bites.
Minor MRSA infection can sometimes develop into more serious complications, such as spread of the staph infection to surrounding tissues, serious abscesses, blood, bone, or heart infection.

First descriptions of Staph aureus came in the 1880's. It came to the attention of Medical Practitioners that this bacterium was the most common cause of infection of wounds following surgical procedures. (Surgery, Tube Insertion, Instruments, etc.):

Although Penicillin was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1929, Penicillin was not Introduced against S. aureus until the 1940's and most strains of S. aureus were found sensitive to its use. Prior to Penicillin, these infections could cause serious, or sometimes, even fatal infection, as no treatment or cure was available before Penicillin.

Unfortunately, when Penicillin was used for treatment of these staph infections, a few strains of Staph aureus made a protective enzyme called Penicillinase, which broke down the penicillin and protected the Staph aureus bacterium. Beta-lactamase is a type of
enzyme produced by some bacterium that is responsible for their
resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics like penicillins, cephalosporins, cephamycins and carbapenems. These antibiotics have a common element in their molecular structure: a four-atom ring known as a beta-lactam. The lactamase enzyme breaks that ring open, deactivating the molecule's antibacterial properties.

These strains had become very resistant to Penicillin and in 1959, approximately 90-95% of all Staph aureus strains which were taken from patients with clinical infections, were Penicillin resistant. The bacterium that caused these infections had become evolutionist in nature. Penicillin was therefore no longer effective for the treatment and cure of these resistant Staph aureus strains.

was the next medical development and was derived from Penicillin, to treat these evolutionist Staph aureus strains. It was manufactured to combat the degradation of the antibiotic by the newly formed enzyme called Penicillinase. This ensured that the previously "Penicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus," would still be treatable by using this new medical drug. About a year after the initial use of Methicillin, MRSA was discovered in England. Staphylococcus Aureus had again become evolutionist in nature and was now resistant to Methicillin.

There are few reports about MRSA in the 1960's and the 1970's. More appeared during the 1980's. It became massive in the mid-1990's. Epidemic levels of certain strains of MRSA became uncontrollable in medical hospitals throughout the United Kingdom. Many believe that the cause of this outbreak was associated with "new comfortable living habits" and as a result, a reduction in our immune system strength.

These new strains are very infectious and transmit easily. Colonisation was taking place between the Medical staff and patients they were treating. The new strains have the ability to cause very serious infections. These new strains now represent about 50% of the Staph aureus bacterium found in patients with blood stream infections in England, Wales and the USA.

The Staphylococcal Family
Staph aureus is just one of a large family of staphylococcal bacterium. Their normal place of residence is on the human skin. The most common non - Staph aureus Staphylococcus on human skin is called
S. Epidermidis
. Generally harmless and called part of the 'normal communal flora' of the human body, many S. Epidermidis are also resistant to antibiotics, including methicillin. They have the same resistance mechanism as MRSA and are referred to as MRSE.

Although resident on everyone's skin, but normally harmless, S. Epidermidis causes significant infection if it enters wounds upon medical devices. For Example: Artificial hip joints, heart valves, or when medical staff use intravenous catheters to provide access to the bloodstream. Severely ill patients, such as those in intensive medical care units, or those undergoing cancer chemotherapy, are at a greater risk of this sort of infection than most others.

MRSA Colonisation
Staphylococcus aureus of the most common kind, including those strains that are MRSA in nature, can cause a very wide range of infection. These range from Asymptomatic Colonisation, where the MRSA is doing no damage but still has the capability of causing clinical infection, to fatal Septicaemia, which is the most severe form of blood stream infection. Trying to treat or cure Septicaemia is nigh on impossible.

Colonisation Areas
About 30% of the worlds population is colonised by Staph aureus. In Medical Hospitals the percentage is greatly increased, due to more contact with cases of infection. Staph aureus carriage is more likely to be MRSA in hospital populations, more amongst patients and Medical staff, than in the general community. This is because antibiotic-resistant bacterium are encouraged to develop by the use of antibiotics to treat ranges of infections in hospitals. That being said, Community Acquired MRSA - CA-MRSA is also on the increase, especially in countries like; The Middle East, Iraq and Africa.

Carriage sites of MRSA are most commonly in the nose and on the skin, especially in folds, such as the Axilla (armpit) or the groin area. A carrier of MRSA can be a source of infection for themselves. Self inflicted Staph infection. Hip replacement and heart surgery are high risk situations and if pre-screening detects MRSA carriage, medical decontamination with skin and nasal treatment in an isolation ward is recommended before they undergo surgery. This medical information is then recorded and a marker is set against your medical records for future reference.

MRSA Mimics
There are no specific 'MRSA diseases' like with Maleria, Tuberculosis or Typhoid. Staph aureus infects a broad range of tissues and bodily systems, often giving ambiguous symptoms that are common to many different infections, caused by many other bacterium.

Infections of Wounds
Staph aureus / MRSA is the most common cause of wound infection - either after accidental injury or medical surgery. This shows as a red and inflamed wound, with yellow pus flowing from the site. This wound may break open, or fail to heal and a wound abscess could develop.

Superficial Types of Ulcers
Pressure, varicose and diabetic ulcers, which are all attributable to a poor blood supply with some superficial skin damage, are often sites of MRSA infection.

Intravenous line infections
MRSA may infect the entrance site of an intravenous line, causing localised inflammation with pus from which the MRSA can enter the blood stream to cause a bacteraemia, more commonly known as a blood stream infection.

Deep Abscesses

If MRSA (or any strain of Staph aureus) spreads from a local site into the blood stream it can lodge at various sites in the body, such as the kidneys, lungs, liver, bones or spleen, etc: This can cause one or more deep abscesses but distant from the original site of infection. These can be painful with a high fever, a high white blood cell count with signs of inflammation near the new infection. The patient will be very unwell and may have rigors (shivers) and low blood pressure (shock). Over a period, the body enters a catabolic state with breakdown of tissue, loss of weight and failure of the essential organs. This is usually linked with an associated septicaemia and by this time, treatment or cure has, in most cases, become impossible.

Lung infections
MRSA / S. Aureus is a rare cause of lung infection except in Intensive Care Units (ICU's). There, the patient is on a ventilator unit with a tube in the trachea, which by-passes the immune system defences of the nose and throat. MRSA can gain entry to the lungs via the tube and can cause pneumonia which may be fatal.

Bacteraemia / Septicaemia
MRSA / Staph aureus can enter the normally sterile blood stream either from a local site of infection, such as a wound, ulcer, abscess, or via an intravenous catheter (placed there for their medical care). Bacteraemia describes the presence of MRSA / Staph aureus in the blood. Septicaemia can follow and is the clinical term for a severe illness caused by the bacterium in the blood stream. The symptoms are not specific to MRSA and can be the same for other bacterium that cause septicaemia. Typically symptoms can include high fever; raised white blood cell count; rigors (shaking); disturbance of blood clotting with a tendency to bleed and failure of vital organs.

This is the kind of MRSA infection that has the highest death rate. Treatment is better than cure and prevention is best of all when dealing with any situation where you might be at risk from MRSA.

The New Silver Solution

Silver Usage in History.

Throughout the centuries and even today, Silver in various forms has been used to benefit mankind.

Some cultures added powdered silver to a newborn's first bath as protection against a harsh world.

Milk farmers used to use a silver pail to collect milk. The raw milk could remain unrefridgerated for hours without spoiling.

Similarly, early settlers in the USA would often throw silver dollars into their wells or water barrels in order to kill bacteria and keep the water potable.

During plagues in Europe, wealthy families gave their children silver spoons to suck on, hence the phrase;

"Born with a Silver spoon in his mouth."

Patented: This is the only 'Silver-Sol' producer with a product so new and effective that it was deemed a new product, and therefore approved for patent by the United States Patent Agency. The results of patent testing proved that New Solution was an 'Advanced Technology' that surpassed all expectations of safety and efficiency and was deemed;

 'A viable and safe alternative to medical antibiotics.' 

The New Silver Solution has the only two patent approvals on a commercial silver product in the last 80 years.

The patent has also been filed internationally, as well as specifically in Japan.

Use of the New Silver Solution should be undertaken through properly advised courses designed for specific use. MRSA medical can provide these courses, after consultation with the patient. There are no fees for consultations and the course is specifically written, based upon the information you provide. 

In the first instance, please e-mail:

Please provide your full name, a valid telephone number and the best times and days to contact you.

*Please Note*  All claims made on this website are as a direct result of our own treatment in patients. They are not manufacturers statements, but based upon feedback and results obtained using the MRSA Medical Eradication Courses in our own patient cases. 


New Silver Solution Approval of Technology:

US Information regarding FDA: The New Silver Solution Technology and New Silver Solution Gel product has now been approved by the FDA. The New Silver Solution does not intend to replace any drug or prescription that your Doctor may recommend, or provide any similarity in use or results.

Warning: Dietary supplements are not to be used to prevent or treat any disease. The Statements on this web page have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any information provided on this website is not a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individuals are advised not to self-medicate in the presence of significant illness. Ingredients in supplements are not drugs and may not be foods. We do not advise unsupervised administration of supplements to children and no supplements should be taken in pregnancy without professional advice.

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