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MRSA in Animals

It appears that the Staphylococcus aureus Methicillin resistant strain, MRSA, accounts for over 1,000 pet deaths each year. Vetinarians are being warned about using hygiene precautions similar to those used in treating the human population. The greatest emphasis is upon surgical proceedures.

Reports of infections and colonisation in the pet population have soared over the last few years. It is now being recognised that animal to human infections and human to animal infections are taking place. With the dramatic increase in human MRSA, there is little wonder that cases in animals have also increased. 

MRSA, which was first recognised in animals in 1972, was not then considered to be a major threat. However, MRSA increases in humans, now make this threat more real, as the source seems to have come from human colonisation. With around 30% of the human population carrying the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, plus the close interaction between pets and their owners, we are actually putting our beloved pets at risk.

There has been a lot of concern expressed recently about PVL - Panton Valentine Leukocidin, which is the 'flesh-eating' bug derivitive of the MRSA pathogen. Although no reports so far have been received about PVL in livestock and household pets in the UK, there have been reports of this infection from the USA in both.

The New Silver Solution is as effective on pets as it is in humans. In fact, during testing with some very nasty pathogens, the animals that were used in the control group, displayed complete recovery and even weight gain. Adding a teaspoon of The New Silver Solution to your pets drinking water will kill all bacteria present and protect your pet from infection.

Before you order The New Silver Solution, please see our fully documented test results under 'New Silver Solution Info' and 'New Silver Solution Safety.'

Care for each other...

MRSA Medical is pleased to announce that our trials with animals in supressing MRSA transmission is proving very successful. Initially trialled with animals, New Silver Solution has been proven to kill MRSA bacterium in both animals and humans.

Preventative measures are easily undertaken by adding a teaspoon of the New Silver Solution to your animals drinking water. This kills all the bacterium in the water within seconds and transmits the solution into the animals bodily system. This is an extremely easy and efficient way of maintaining your pets health against pathogenic bacterium and avoiding the spread of MRSA to humans.

At MRSA Medical, we think about things rather deeply and one of the most pressing questions that we have been asked, is how an animal can contract MRSA when the owners, relatives and friends have no MRSA infections. Where does it come from?

Logically thinking, most pets have extreme external contact with other people. There is nothing that a Dog or Cat likes better, than to be made a fuss of... How many people stroke your Dog or Cat? How does your pet react to the fuss?

Normally by licking the skin of the person applying the attention...

If that person has an MRSA or normal Staphylococcus aureus infection, then your pet has taken those microbes into their mouth via the tongue. The infected person might not even be aware of the fact that they have such an infection.

In Dogs, Cats, Birds and other species, we have found that New Silver Solution provides a great immune system support mechanism. This is evident in both humans and animals alike. When placed in drinking water, the animal seems to regain vitality and energy. When suffering from a viral or bacterial episode, they seems to recover very quickly.

I am sure that we don't want to be responsible for illness or death in our pets and I am also sure that they feel the same way. We have established that the strains that affect us both are the same. Now we can share the same treament and prevention measures.

The New Silver Solution