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Hospitals and MRSA Infection

100,000 people die from MRSA infection in hospitals in the USA each year. Figures for the UK are varied but some reports indicate that directly, or indirectly, about 20,000  hospital deaths could be accredited to MRSA infections.

With the population of the USA at 300 million and the population of the UK at 60 million, pro-rata fatalities are at about the same level. Health authorities have undertaken a strict regime of cleanliness, but...

The Big Question is:

"Will cleaning of hospital wards and corridors solve the MRSA problem?"

No, because MRSA is carried by people. In people colonized with MRSA, which is about 30% of the population, the bacterium are carried in the nasal passages. When a person coughs or sneezes in a hospital ward, the possibilities of spread are multiplied by airborne dispersion.

"Nasal S. aureus carriers disperse a significant amount of S. aureus into the air by sneezing"
. - Journal of infectious diseases.

Mopping floors and wiping surfaces are important, but will never get rid of all the Staph bacterium, so rigorous basic hygiene measures are still needed. By keeping down the amount of MRSA-containing dust and keeping surfaces free of MRSA there will be fewer opportunities for it to infect a vulnerable person.

The answer therefore, is to ensure that your immune system will not allow Staph aureus to develop. That is why treatment with The New Silver Solution before, during, and after your stay in hospital will reduce risk of infection dramatically.

The New Silver Solution will not give the Staph bacterium time to develop and is also able to eliminate many more pathogenic bacterium and actually cure many other symptoms that are not aligned with MRSA.

See New Silver Solution Info for more details of our test results, done by leading laboratories that were chosen for their expertise in that particular field of medical research.

Note: Before purchasing any Silver product, ask to see independent analysis and test data that supports any claims made against the product. In-House testing should not be trusted as valid.