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MRSA Medical is proud of providing a personal touch and prompt attention to those who require assistance. We take a great interest in our clients well-being and your feedback is important to us. All testimonials that we receive are unsolicited and kept on file. The persons full name and personal details are never disclosed without prior permission. If you have a testimonial about our service and product that you would like to share with others, then please forward your testimonial to: Michael Fowler -

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.  James 1:17

My Dearest Michael,
On Monday, I went to see my PCP for lab and the nasal swab.  She called me today and said that "I was clear".  I shouted "Praise the Lord" so loud in her ear, poor woman!!
I am giving praise to the Lord for his healing and also for directing me to your Web-site.  I most definitely am not a "web-surfer", so I will always believe that the good Lord directed me there so I would find you and use the Silver Solution for my healing.  (Thanks to your advice and help)
Michael, I can never express to you just how thankful I am for all your help with my healing and the fact that you were there with me every step of the way.  You are a wonderful and caring person and I thank you with all my heart for your help and for giving of your time to help me.  You did exactly what you told me you were going to do, "Give me my life back", and you did just that.  
Please keep in touch with me and if you are ever near West Virginia, please let me know, as I would love to meet you in person.  My husband and I plan to continue with the preventative measures and we use the GEL for just about everything!!!  It really helps with healing.
Thanks ever so much,
Your most grateful, thankful and very happy friend,
Love & Prayers always,
Michael's Footnote: After talking with Margaret, I knew how gravely concerned she was about her MRSA infection, plus the fear about it spreading to her Husband and her beloved animals. With MRSA this is always a possibility and a factor that keeps many people from reaching a recovery stage. To date, we have never had anyone return a positive test for MRSA after completing an eradication course. These courses are designed for your own infection situation and environment. Every case of MRSA is different and has its own characteristics, which is why I insist on talking with the people that I treat. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution with MRSA infections. The consultations are free, the courses are written by myself and forwarded by e-mail to the person concerned. These are also free of any charges. Many thanks to Margaret for her permission to include her e-mail amongst my testimonials.

Dear Michael,

I do not know what I would have done without your help. I remember just four weeks ago how worried and frightened I was after being diagnosed with a cellulitis MRSA infection that was obviously spreading rapidly out of control. The medical doctor prescribed the oral antibiotic clindamycin, along with nasal antibiotic ointment and hibicleans complete body washes. I have had experience with this treatment before due to a surgical staph infection, and the whole process had extreme negative effects on my immune system and put me in a severely weakened state along with numerous side effects for months. I was not about to do that again.

I found online and sent an email. Within twenty-four hours, you contacted me and spent over two hours on the phone with me at your expense on a Sunday! I will never forget the kindness and understanding you showed me. You calmed me down and assured me that you could help based on your years of experience, knowledge and success with other people using the program. The hardest decision for me was going against my doctor’s orders and putting trust in a stranger, and I am sure glad I did! You were there for me every step of the way and patiently dealt with all my questions and concerns. After the first week, I saw such a dramatic improvement and I felt compelled to offer you additional money for the custom Eradication program you developed for me. You graciously turned down my offer and told me your primary interest is educating and helping people.

I must tell you that I have done extensive research on numerous natural remedies for the treatment of staph infections and I can honestly tell you that the New Silver Solution and the Eradication Program provided by MRSA medical is the only one I trust for results and safety. My home medicine cabinet will never be without the New Silver solution and gel.

Michael you are one in a million and I owe you a debt of gratitude!

All the best,



Michael's Footnote: Gregg had a serious problem - MRSA Cellulitis, which can spread very quickly and become life-threatening. Using the detailed information in my eradication course, Gregg was able to both contain and eradicate the infection quite quickly. This is something that I have perfected over many years of study and use of the New Silver Solution and Gel products. Many thanks to Gregg for the use of his photographs and for his testimonial.
Did I tell you that when the surgeon removed my artificial knee on 6/22/2010, the infectious disease doctor told me that he found NO EVIDENCE OF INFECTION IN THE TISSUE, JOINT OR FLUIDS.

AWESOME!!!  Thank you God and Thank You New Silver Solution and Michael.  Nevertheless, the surgeon did put me on 6 weeks of IV vancomycin according to protocol and based on past history.  Better safe than sorry mentality.
The surgeon did tell me on 11/5/2010 that the previous infections MRSA and Staph Aur. did cause damage to the torn tendon which will cause longer rehab time and healing is slower than he hoped.  He wrapped the torn tendon with 2 jackets made of compressed human tendon material during the replacement of the artificial knee on 9/28/2010.
Feel free to use my comments in your newsletter or website.
Hugs and THANKS
Michael's Footnote: I knew that when Eileen first contacted me, that this was no ordinary infection. This was a deep-rooted osteomyelitis infection with drastic symptoms. Eileen was most concerned because she had been told that her artificial knee would have to be removed, the infection cleaned out and a new knee joint inserted. This was a process that would have taken around 18 months to 2 years and there was no guarantee that the infection could be eliminated. There was also a pus-draining abscess that did not respond to antibiotics. As Eileen has stated, the course prescribed eliminated the MRSA bacterium in the tissue, bone, joints and fluids. Antibiotics cannot penetrate MRSA infections in the bone (osteomyelitis). This can't even be done via surgery, without damaging the bones and as anyone with medical knowledge will explain, it is very dangerous to cut tissue infected with MRSA bacterium. Another factor in this case was the obvious formation of bio-films, which antibiotics cannot penetrate. Bio-films are a 'self-preservation' mode that bacterium use to survive. New Silver Solution can penetrate bio-film formations and kill these bacterium, as Eileen can testify. My thanks to Eileen for her trust, faith and consistency of use, that has led to this remarkable achievement.
In a message dated 07/03/2009 19:48:38 GMT Standard Time, writes:
Sorry I haven't emailed you sooner, but wanted you to know that my husband, Wayne, has finished the eradication course and is MRSA negative. He is still on a preventative regimen as you outlined at the beginning, and doing well. Thank you so much for your help and I will be recommending the Silver Sol therapy to others who are fighting this terrible bacterial infection. Thanks to you and New Silver Solution, I still have my husband. May God continue to bless you for the work you are doing.

Michael's Footnote: Sandra's Husband had been plagued with recurrent MRSA infections and had been hospitalised many times. Vancomyacin had been administered repeatedly, but the infection would come right back after a few days at home. We discussed the case and the history, after which I drew up an eradication course that suited the family situation and Wayne himself. The results speak for themselves. I thank Sandra for her kind words and wish them both a happy and healthy future.

(Surnames and addresses have been removed for reasons of privacy but originals remain on private file).


New Silver Technology in a solution that is non-toxic, patented and proven - New Silver Solution



The first time I contracted MRSA, was in June or July 2005. I had a slight cut on my right foot, just below the ankle. It got worse as time went on. I went to several Doctors. These included my private physician, a Dermatologist and also a Foot Doctor. After this, I was sent to a Wound Specialist. This was upon the recommendation of my private physician. At no time did anyone recommend having a culture taken of the wound.

I went to my physician several times. He kept saying; ‘You have to let air get at it, so it will heal faster.’ It just got worse. My Doctor at one point had a nurse come to my house three days a week for about a month to treat this wound. It started out at about the size of a Dime and grew to approximately 2 inches in diameter. During this period, it started to throb like toothache or earache, on and off during the day, but especially at night. It reached the point where I could hardly walk. It was extremely painful.

This carried on through the months of July, August, September and October. Finally, in November, as I was leaving the Wound Specialist Doctor’s Office, the receptionist suggested I go to the Hyperbaric Wound Center at a Hospital about 20 miles from where I live. They treated the wound but MRSA was never mentioned. I recall they put a
SILVER PATCH on the wound with some kind of medication on it. They also wrapped that leg with two layers of a tight knit cloth and told me not to remove it, until my following week’s appointment. This went on for four to five weeks. They told me I should start to wear compression stockings after the infection had healed. I had poor circulation in my legs. During the 4-5 weeks of treatment, it did get better.

In December of 2007, another infection started in the exact same area, but this time it was my left foot that was infected. I went to our new physician because our old Doctor had moved out of town. Thank God for this new Doctor. He sent to an Urologist and he discovered I had Prostate Cancer.

But to get back, this new Doctor took a swab of the area and sent it to a Lab. The result came back positive for MRSA.

He commented that I’d probably had this MRSA in my body for the last few years. I was sent to our local Hospital’s Infusion Center. They inserted a Pic Line and I was given Vancomycin intravenously for one hour at a time, twice daily. I attended the Infusion Center for 28 days of treatment with intravenous Vancomycin.

Well, after 28 days it hardly got much better. It was during these days that I thought about

Back to my Doctor, he scraped the wound and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. I used it but did not see anything happening. It didn’t get worse but it didn’t get better. In fact he gave me prescriptions for three different antibiotics.

I was going to have the Prostate removed at the beginning of February 2008 by DiVinci Robotic Prostatectomy. It had to be cancelled because they did a nose swab and I still had the MRSA. I now go for Radiation Treatments for the Prostate cancer.

Then a thought came to me again about the treatment I got from that Hospital in 2005, and that Silver Patch they put on the wound. I went on my computer and searched the Internet.

Eventually, I stumbled upon MRSA Medical and New Silver Solution. To make a long story short, I watched the Video they had about New Silver Solution. It really perked my interest.

Finally, I purchased three 16 oz. bottles of New Silver Solution. I started to take it orally and kept a gauze pad on the wound as much as possible and would try to keep it moist all through the day and at night. I also got up several times to keep a wet gauze pad on it.

I have talked to Michael Fowler many times on the computer and he has also called me several times to check upon my progress.

I believe he has given me really sound advice on the use of The New Silver Solution. He advised me about dosages, topical treatment and about nasal treatment to destroy any colonization of MRSA bacterium.

I did this for a number of weeks, exactly as Michael had advised.

Then, at the beginning of April 2008, my Doctor did a swab of the wound. No MRSA was found. He then sent me to a Lab for further testing.

They carried out a swab of my nose at the lab and that also showed no colonization of MRSA in the nasal passages.

The Bill for the 28 days of Vancomycin at the Infusion center was $46,000. It appears that Medicare paid that amount to the Infusion Center. Usually one sees what Medicare allows, not this time.

$46,000 of Vancomycin treatment did not resolve my MRSA. Some other costly antibiotics had no effect. The New Silver Solution eradicated my MRSA within a few weeks, as opposed to years of suffering side-effects and misery with those antibiotics.

I will continue to take New Silver Solution as a preventative measure against all sorts of infections.

Robert, Leesburg, Florida

Michael's Footnote: In Roberts case, we were dealing with not just MRSA but VRSA, with his infection having been resistant to Vancomycin. This is a serious condition, as Vancomycin is the 'antibiotic of last resort' in most cases, with Linezolid having quite a large failure rate. This actually shows you the dynamic properties that our new technology has brought to the public domain.


New Silver Technology in a solution that is non-toxic, patented and proven - New Silver Solution


Our next testimonial... is actually in response to an e-mail that I received from a very concerned Daughter about her Mothers MRSA infection, which had by now reached the stage of requiring Vancomycin, after the Bactrim treatment failed. The first part is my response to her e-mail. Heathers response just 17 days later, follows on...

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 16:24:44 -0400
Subject: Re: MRSA Medical Question

Hi Heather,

If your Mom has a low-grade temperature then that is probably due to another infection. You must give the solution time to work. It will start killing those pathogens immediately but finding them all, destroying them and restoring the immune system, will take up to 21 days in total. The Bactrim will have caused some depletion of the immune system and it is the immune system that has to ultimately defeat the infection. So my question is; 'Is it wise to destroy even more of the immune system with Vancomycin?' Or rebuild it with New Silver Solution?

You said that she was on Bactrim for a month, so why not try the solution for a month? Her condition certainly won't worsen while taking the solution.

Even if she picks up the Vancomycin, there's nothing that says she has to take it right now.

There is not much point in increasing the dosage levels of the solution, as it is microbial in nature and 6 teaspoons is more than enough to destroy most infections. Please understand that the solution is not a 'miracle cure' or 'wonder-drug' it is a formulation that will slowly but surely eradicate pathogenic bacterium, whilst protecting the immune system and helping it to rebuild.

Tread very carefully with Vancomycin. If it becomes resistant, then you start to have serious problems with treatment of not only MRSA, which may become VRSA, but many other infections.. VRSA is nasty.

I know that it's difficult to trust something that is not prescribed by a Doctor, it's human nature. We are bred to believe that their knowledge is paramount. But the question I then ask, is; If these people are so clever, why are 6.000 people a year in the UK and upwards of 30,000 in the USA, dying of MRSA infections every year? Why are 100,000 people dying every year because of adverse reactions or misappropriations of antibiotics?

A nasal swab or culture may give some indication of which antibiotics may be effective but I know of several cases where these evaluations have been incorrect. Make sure you Mom does those nasal treatments with the solution. Let's wait and see what happens when new tests are done. Her temperature though, is not normally something associated with MRSA. This might be another infection, caused by the depletion of her immune system after taking the Bactrim. So, is it then sensible to take another antibiotic? I don't think so...

Tell your Mom not to discuss taking the solution with the Doctor. They are peculiar people and don't like being upstaged. They can get quite irate about you seeking help from somewhere else.

Warmest Regards,


Subject: RE: MRSA Medical Question
Date: 01/05/2008 23:00:40 GMT Daylight Time
From: Heather

Hi Michael,

I just wanted to let you know that my mom is doing great! She tested negative for the MRSA and has not taken any other antibiotics since the Bactrim a couple of months ago. She has no fever or anything. She is 100% better!

She is going to continue taking the 6 teaspoons a day for the next month and then she said she will switch to the recommended 2 teaspoons per day (on the bottle) after that.

Thanks for your help with the dosage and answering my questions. I ordered 3 additional bottles last week. Also, a friend of my mom's neighbor has MRSA and I told her about my mom and the dosage that she was on and she is going to do the same regimen (6 teaspoons a day). Also, another friend of my mom's is going to take it as well. She isn't sick or anything but just to help with her frequent sinus infections. Thanks again for taking the time to speak to me.

Michael's Footnote: This was a case where no antibiotics had been taken for months and I was thus concerned that the MRSA bacterium had by now increased dramatically. As you will observe by the dates of correspondence, we have managed to completely eliminate the MRSA within just 17 days. No toxicity or side-effects and no resistance to the solution. Her MRSA was certified positive by the hospital and her tests just 17 days later proved negative.


New Silver Technology in a solution that is non-toxic, patented and proven - New Silver Solution



I am 67 years of age and living in a council flat. I am disabled, having had 4 hip operations (two reconstitutions) and having had good health apart from the carpentry and joinery mentioned above.

I had mould - slowly creeping into my air were bacterium of microscopic entities that did me no good. It got worse each year as my protestations rose to deaf ears at the local authority. Nonetheless I was rendered ill at the effect of the mould - became allergenic.

The microbes got into my ear and festered badly - my sinuses became infected, along with the back of my throat and my lungs.

My head was shared with many other fife forms, all taking a toll on my energy. What energy? none. I have never felt deader and more apathetic in my life. I took fright easily and severed my relationship with risk. I wanted none at all. I wanted to sleep and slob and do very little except exactly what I wanted to do. I actually researched and learned and read and studied but it stayed in there pretty fuzzy.

This condition took two years to fester. During this time - at intervals I had severe congestion in one or both lungs (happily one after the other). My left lung was worst affected with a long lingering pain in the bottom of the lung at the back. I was flattened. I could hardly eat and breathing was hard. I took whatever antibiotic I could but the effect seemed negligible. After 10 days, I started to recover. Add another 2 weeks and my thinking cleared up a little as well. This disease took its toll across the board.

I ceased to contact friends. I was asleep more than I felt comfortable but the nights were long and full of panic and intervals of being awake. Thinking things through from a position of fear and defensiveness.

I heard a presentation one night during one of my vigils, about the New Silver Solution, while listening to my Son's music. This enthralled me and I contacted Michael Fowler from his MRSA Web site. After a talk with Michael,I bought a 16oz Bottle of New Silver Solution..

The liquid had no real taste or smell, unless you could pinpoint the smell of absolute clean ionised water with a very high surface tension. I found a silver spoon and gave myself two teaspoons a time 3 times a day. Morning noon and night. All the time I breathed from my stomach as much as I could remember to do so.

I also soaked cotton balls in it and put it up my nose and it sought out all microbes in the nostrils and up in the palate as well. On into the sinus cavities where it killed all the bacteria in short order. I felt aflame as it hit the sinuses. It felt like a sound more than anything else. A sort of short swell of a hot vibration. That did not happen again. I felt something more to be sure as the bacteria were re-infecting me daily from the soft furnishings all around. I placed a drop or two into a little atomiser and sprayed the air all around the pillows and cushions and blankets. I began to hold my own. I sprayed the mask because I gather that the silver solution is as effective dry - indeed or hot or cold. I bought the mask as a dust mask in a builder supply shop.

After a few days - each night more peaceful than the last - I felt a singular warmth of well-being pervade my space. A kind of smooth soft hum of a vibration in perhaps a sweet chord. I continued taking the silver and spraying it around - dabbing it forever on a nasty wound on my upper lip which had burst out with bleeding and scabs. These soon went and the little mound that is left is diminishing elegantly enough. I have an appointment to have it off in the cancer surgery but it sounds violent - I'd rather melt it away with the help of the New Silver Solution.

Some thoughts based on my experience and learning from Michael's website...

Silver I feel had two-fold effectiveness. First is of course, the proven antibacterial properties. These are far reaching. Proven tests against Malaria had the Ghanaian Government buying 10,000 gallons of it for water purification and Malaria treatment. Amongst other things...

The second one is a subtler quality of silver in an almost homeopathic dilution has a vibration of its own that affects healing also. Each silver microscopic particle has a coat of silver oxide on it which sings out a specific vibration which splits the membrane of harmful pathogens.

When those pathogens are gone, with them go the apathy and the low energy too. All gone.

I am healing my eyes. I put in eye drops. And I am healing my ears - which smell ok now. I healed my son's feet. They smell sweet wherefore this was not always the case .. Big time ;-)

I think that the naughty microbes are getting the message. "Hey - This is not a good place for you to settle down. Daily onslaughts for some time to come... So scram and leave me well alone!"

I can't say much more, except I'd never be without it and I advocate it to everybody.
Simple as that.

Being aware of how it works to a certain degree, I am continuing to think of it as something for all the family. Oh and the cat's sprightlier on it - some in her drinking water has perked her up.

There have never been any side effects except a rise in energy and optimism and a pink glow in my long pallid cheeks. An increase in weight has also caused my face to fill out and I look a whole lot better, as well as feeling it.

The solution has turned my life around speedily and I am very grateful to Michael for letting me have one of his bottles, from his own stock. Needless to say, my next order has just arrived!

Jackie M - London UK.
Michael's Footnote: There are many routes of exposure to molds including dermal contact, ingestion, and inhalation. The health risks associated with mold exposure include, but are not limited to:allergic reactions, irritation associated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), invasive disease, mycotoxicosis.

New Silver Technology in a solution that is non-toxic, patented and proven - New Silver Solution