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The New Silver Solution Order Page

The New Silver Solution

We have set up a special ordering page for visitors to MRSA Medical. You can Save up to 48% off the normal retail price of New Silver Solution by using this page. Please click on 'Order' - Select 'Buy Now' - Select your desired offer - Select 'New Customer' - Set up your new account. Enter your information.

If you have any questions about The New Silver Solution, then please mail me directly at;

Please mark your subject line as; MRSA Medical Question

On a personal basis, I have been taking The New Silver Solution for over 6 years. During that time, I have suffered no illness whatsoever. I have also given The New Silver Solution to friends, family and associates who were suffering from various viruses and infections. Their symptoms were all resolved within 48-72 hours. Those who have continued taking the preventative dosage have remained totally pathogen-free and extremely healthy.

Please Note: There is no substitute for The New Silver Solution - 'Silver-Sol Technology' and no Colloidal Silver will achieve the benefits outlined, or are as Medically and Scientifically proven as The New Silver Solution. This is a patented new technology that does not exist in any other silver product. If you are suffering from a MRSA infection, then please take our complete eradication course. Please mail me with your name, your place of residence, a contact number and best time to call, so that I can give you specific and Individual advice. Your health is our primary concern and there is no charge for this service.

Thank You for visiting MRSA Medical and for your purchase.

Ordering New Silver Solution:
After clicking on the New Silver Solution bottle, you will see the website page appear. Click on 'Buy Now' at the top left of screen. Now select 'new silver solution' from the 'categories' menu. There are many options on this page with great savings against the normal price. A full eradication course for MRSA will take 4 large bottles of New Silver Solution, plus a tube of New Silver Solution gel. You will also need to order an accessory kit, which costs $4 per person. The New Silver Solution is also used in many ways to prevent infection and to treat your environment. It is also important that any animals or close-living relatives are also treated, to prevent colonization and cross-infection. The New Silver Solution technology has been approved by the FDA, along with our proprietory New Silver Solution gel product. New Silver Solution also has its own unique patent, which means it has been thoroughly tested for toxicity, safety and effectiveness against numerous pathogens, viruses and bacteria. In cases of MRSA infection, please consult with me, to obtain our first-class course of eradication.

Ordering New Silver Solution by Telephone:
If you experience any problems ordering New Silver Solution via the web form, then you can alternatively order directly from Nutronix International on a Toll-Free Number: 877-990-9951 in the U.S. and Canada.
You will be asked for a reference id, which is: mafmba and my name,
Michael Fowler.

This method of ordering will place you as a purchaser from MRSA medical. We can then grant you support and help via phone and e-mail. If you are not asked for a referral ID, then please give it anyway, otherwise your support and help facilities may be endangered. We can only help you if you are registered to our site.


Please note that New Silver Solution is not a colloidal silver. Colloidal silver products cannot be patented, as their results are similar to each other. New Silver Solution achieved its patent because of its superior ability to kill pathogenic bacterium, viruses and protozoan's. In fact, there have been no bacterium or viruses tested to date that the New Silver Solution has not permanently eradicated. This is a supercharged, engineered, nano-silver particulate solution with no known toxicity. There is only one patented and tested solution - New Silver Solution